The following are a few short teaser videos for songs from our Plays With Mercury album!

"Sloane Road Kids" - Initial Kick

"Sotheby's Wasteland (It's A Mall World After All)" - Initial Kick

The band is proud and honored to have our song “Tranquilizer” featured on the movie soundtrack for Boxanne - the award-winning film by Brian Wild. It’s a heartwarming romantic comedy - boy meets sex doll, boy falls in love with sex doll, boy loses sex doll… you know the old story.  According to Red Cup Films, “Tranquilizer” by Initial Kick has had the most listens from the Boxanne movie soundtrack!

"Tranquilizer" - Initial Kick

"Big in Singapore" - Initial Kick

"Sugar Sugar" - Initial Kick

"Silver Bells" - Initial Kick

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